Latest release from one-time three times Apollo amateur night winner, TIFFANY BYNOE is an interesting EP that offers a selection of takes on the old O’Jays/Jackie Moore dancer ‘This Time’. The disc has no less than five mixes of the song – with the house mix already getting lots of support in the Stateside clubs. Another house mix of the song – this time from 2016 from DAVID ANTHONY and LISA MILLET – was also a big club hit… just shows you can’t keep a good tune down!

Interestingly for a big dance number, here, Ms Bynoe also offers a slowed down tweak of the song which she’s called “the classic soul mix”. In my humble submission, m’lord, it’s more contemporary R&B than “classic soul” – the kind of thing that Toni Braxton used to do so well. The ‘This Time’ EP is out now.