‘Moment Of Your Time’ is the latest album from husband and wife team BUTCH and RHONDA COLEMAN. Mr C plays bass and adds vocals while Mrs C takes the lion’s share of the singing whilst also playing keys. Their sound is a catchy mix of smooth jazz and sophisticated soul and they enjoy a decent fan base in the States, especially in their home state of Maryland. Over here we know them from odd tracks released on various Expansion compilations – and that should give you a clue to the quality of the music they craft. Ralph Tee (Mr Expansion) has no truck with the second best and almost any of the cuts on the 10 tracker that is ‘Moment Of Your Time’ could sit on any new Expansion compilation.

The album opens with a feisty instrumental ‘Bean’s Groove’ – a chance for the band to stretch out but it’s the vocals that throw up the album highlights, especially the ballads. ‘Empty’ is particularly moving while the duet ‘I Can’t Believe’ offers a heavier sound. Sound wise, the album reminds me of gospel couple Billy and Sara Gaines though at times, especially on the Rhonda fronted tracks, I’m hearing a cross between Anita Baker and Phyllis Hyman. Yes, ‘Moment Of Your Time’ is a good, contemporary soul album and deserves investigation. It’s out now.