CASTELLA is the musical alter ego Californian soulstress Cathy Rebecca Crowell-Thompson and over the last 18 months or so she’s released a series of well-received contemporary soul tunes  and her growing reputation won’t be harmed by her upcoming single, ‘Intoxicated Love’.

This one’s a feel-good weekend sort of tune… it’s  danceable, singable and, Ms C says, “lovable!”. You can make up your own minds about that – but it is a head nodder, foot tapper for sure  and she really does deliver in the sweet yet soulful vocal department.

The title, ‘Intoxicated Love’ tells you what the song is all about … yep, she gets “tipsy” in her partner’s presence  (saves on the expensive cocktails, then!) but the groove’s the thing here. Up and optimistic and out June 9th.