Been a while since we heard from Geordie collective SMOOVE AND TURRELL but they’re coming back with us via a new, funky  right-in-your-face single ‘The Light’. The track opens with a  gospel flavoured intro from Izo Fitzroy before John Turrell tears into the song channelling his inner Joe Cocker! To make the cut even more intriguing, legendary keyboardist Ronnie Foster joins the party while Jonathon ‘Smoove’ Watson keeps the production tough and upfront!

JT explains the song’s raison d’etre: “How can you sum up the last 3 years of life on this lonely island. There was so much wrong with the way we’ve been let down by the people in power, from parties in No 10, Post truth politics bringing culture wars to our streets through a media that is driven by greed. The best way is to rise above it and let the love shine in. Stand up for the people that did so much for us during the dark days. Solidarity to all those who deserve so much better than they are getting now! The Light is what we can achieve if we all work together

‘The Light’s’ putative  B side is an emotional ‘Joy’ which John describes  thus: “If recent years taught us one thing it’s how much we need each other, how human contact is so important, just being the person who listens when someone is having their worst day can sometimes be a lifesaving intervention. In a way I wanted to write a song that could reach people in a slightly different way. A sort of mantra to get you out the slump. If it can help just one person it was all well with the effort”.

SMOOVE AND TURRELL; The Light/ Joy released August 18th via Jalapeno Records.