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Nascente Records are set to release a pair of albums that prove that funk recognizes no boundaries. First up is an enigmatic 22 tracker put together by top French DJ and muso, KID LOCO. His ‘French Funk Experience’ features a whole raft of varied sounds that veer from the poppy ‘Pepper Box’ from The PEPPERS through to the wild Afrobeat of MANU DIBANGO’S ‘Africadelic’. The music is drawn chiefly from French “library music” – the stuff designed for advertisers, radio producers and TV people to use and therefore, till now most of the stuff has been very hard to get hold of.

The second album has been put together by international DJ and self-proclaimed Latin expert LUBI JOVANOVIC and is snappily titled ‘Salsa Funk Experience’. The music on the 18 tracker comes from across the globe – even good old London, with tracks from UK bands SPITERI, GONZALEZ and MENTECA. Amongst the highlights are WILLIE BOBO’S ultra cool spin on WAYNE HENDERSON’S ‘Keep That Same Old Feeling’ and ARMANDO PERAZA’S almost cinematic take on ‘Funky Broadway’.