The UK soul crowd know all about veteran DJ/writer/broadcaster/soul entrepreneur TONY MONSON. He’s been around the scene for more years than he can remember and to celebrate his 75th (yes!) birthday he’s about to release a special 30, track 2 CD compilation album that sort of aurally illustrates his musical journey.

‘THE MUSIC INSIDE ME’ (released August 23rd) features music styles that Tony has been associated with ranging from Disco-Boogie, to Soul, Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Funk, Afro-Latin, and House. There’s also plenty of music that Mr M believes should be more appreciated. Amongst the cuts are ‘Dance Freak ‘ from Chain Reaction, ‘Roster’ from Jahiem, ‘Love & Freedom (Live)’ by BeBe Winans and Lew Kirtons’ ‘Don’t Wanna Wait’.

TONY MONSON: ‘THE MUSIC INSIDE ME’ out on EXPANSION Records on August 23rd