Between them, your friendly SOULANDJAZZANDFUNK crew have been following and commenting on soul for over half a century! In that time we’ve covered soul music made in every corner the world… but we don’t think we’ve ever featured bona fide soul artists from the Indian sub continent!

Enter MR. MALOOUK & THE GOOMBAS – a 3 piece soul/funk band based in Mumbai, India and the line up is Mr. Maloouk on Keys & Production, Sticky Twiggs on Guitar, and Perp on Lead Vocals. Their latest single is a quirky stop/start soulful affair, ‘One Of These Days’ which traces the relationship between a child and their mother, and how deep the love they share is. Singer, Perp, leads with a sweet falsetto and you would be forgiven for thinking that the cut originated in soul’s original heartlands.

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