ZONA are an LA based outfit and if you’re looking for a bright, optimistic, catchy summer dance anthem look no further than their newie – ‘I Am Beautiful’. Released on Good For You Records, it features a sensual laid back vocal from VALERIE MOISE (hints of the lovely CORRINE DREWERY from SWING OUT SISTER) and the tightest of tight beats courtesy of percussion heavyweight GREG VELASQUEZ. Name checking ‘I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun’, the tune comes with a whole selection or remixes. Sadly the Zona Sinister Mix and the Deez Dub tweak take some of the “hold your head up to the sun” optimism out of the tune.

I’m sticking with the original mix which comes full length (6 minutes plus) and in a super-concentrated radio edit. I’d just love to know where the lovely ear-worm keyboard riff comes from.

ZONA’S ‘I Am Beautiful’ is released on Good For You Records on July 1st.