Two recent big tunes have just won remix status … and why not! You can’t keep a good tune down!

First up comes not one, not two but three new iterations of DON-E’s ‘Digah D Bump’. You may remember that  the original take won plenty of attention at the start of June and these three new takes will see it enjoying action/air play right through the summer. We start with a “9Tease” mix – solid and steady. Then there’s a slightly jauntier “Future Jack” mix and finally a crisper, slightly faster “Future Rare” mix. All three have less of a Caribbean vibe than the original and there’s little to choose between ‘em. You pays your money…

Early June also saw the release of a cover of Billy Paul’s ‘Bring The Family Back’ from Light Of The World man GEE BELLO. Always a great song, Gee and mixer/producer Georgie B treated it with full respect and it won plenty of plays – plays that will continue as George has just completed a “Club “ mix that tightens things up a tad and adds some sweet and sexy sax work. Out now!