Master  DJ, Producer & Remixer, ALEX DI CIO has just released two splendid remixes, taking as the sources  two tunes from different ends of the soul spectrum.

For his first new reimagining Alex goes right back to 1987 to deliver  a fresh perspective on SHERRICK’S ‘Just Call’. Sherrick (Lamont Smith) was a bit of a soul oddity and never quite delivered what most commentators believed he was capable of. ‘Just Call’ first appeared on his Warner Bros LP and for the new mix Alex retains that very special 80 vibe and it still sounds fresh and vibrant. Great vocal too – and you probably know, Sherrick’s career was blighted by addiction and he died aged just 41.

For his second new mix Alex chooses something a little more contemporary – KEM’S lovely ‘Lonely’. The track first appeared on his 2020 LP, ‘Love Aways Wins’ and it features sparkling keyboards from BRIAN CULBERTSON. The new mix is called ‘The Drum Mix’ – though the drums aren’t that prominent. Tight beats, for sure, great piano and that very special Kem vocal delivery. Recommended.

Both these new mixes come courtesy of Jus’ Groove  via Bandcamp.