It’s always one of the highlights of the soul year – yes, the BLACKPOOL LUXURY SOUL WEEKENDER! The upcoming 2023 version is shaping up to be rather special. The event, to be held at Blackpool’s Grand Hotel, for sure will be very special. You see, the Luxury Soul event will be celebrating its 20th anniversary! Hard to believe that the bash has been going that long and over the years the Weekender has featured plenty of top, top names – people like Ashford & Simpson, Jean Carne, Billy Paul, Dexter Wansel, Shirley Jones, Linda Clifford, Bobby Womack, Kashif, Keni Burke, Lenny Williams and Bunny Sigler have all graced the event. 2023’s bill toppers maintain  that high standard. There will be live performance from Rockie Robbins, Alton McClain and Cornell CC Carter and as it’s a 20th birthday party, you can expect plenty more surprises!

It’s  no surprise though to learn that to tie in with the event, Expansion Records will be releasing their latest ‘LUXURY SOUL’ compilation. The new collection, officially due second week in January, is a 3CD, 35 track sweep of the very best in recent contemporary, modern soul. Naturally there’s music from the Weekender’s  three bill toppers. Thus you can enjoy ‘Say Yes’ (Metlife Remix) from Cornell C.C. Carter, ‘Let Me Be The One’ from Rockie Robbins and ‘While I’m Alone’  from Alton McClain Scarborough.

There is plenty more to enjoy. Indeed so many goodies we just don’t have space to list ’em all! Everyone will find their own especial favourites – here’s a few of ours: The cover of the Isleys’ ‘Here We Go Again’ from  Output / Input feat. Audrey Wheeler & Brent Carter; the  evergreen ‘Move Me No Mountain’ from Lisa Dietrich and the gorgeous ‘Moods’ from the R&R Soul Orchestra  – a reminder, if ever we needed one, why we’re  so wrapped up in this music!

‘Luxury Soul 2023’ also includes some, special exclusive tracks. So listen up to Kloud 9’s ‘When We’re Together’ and the Kenya/Noel Gourdin duet, ‘Slow Motion’. There are also first time on CD releases from Julian Jonah, We Are One X-Perience, Royalty Duo and Brian Power.

As ever, the collection is unmissable for anyone who cares about modern/contemporary soul. Find out more about the event @