The latest release from the SED SOUL/COOL MILLION crew (and their last for the year, we’re told) is something of departure from their norm for the top retro soul gang. The new album is ‘HOUSE 4 SALE’ and, yes, it’s a collection of new, soulful house flavoured mixes of a selection of some of their well-known tunes.

Amongst the tracks is a nine minute “Soulful Vibe” mix of Ryle/Seest’s ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’. This is a real builder of a tune with an insistent little vibe/marimba riff setting up the wonderful vocal. You know the tune, of course, but here enjoy it a totally new format! Ditto Natasha Watt’s ‘Love Who You Are’. In its original incarnation, the cut was a classic slab of modern soul; now, in its “After Hours” mix it’s all set to enjoy a new lease of life. The track that’s already winning plenty of airplay is Donald McCullum’s ‘So In Love With You’, here given a “Latin Swing” mix by Rob Hardt… radio and floor friendly.

Amongst the other remixes are Cool Million’s Glenn Jones vocalised ‘Tonight’, Van Hardt’s ‘Taste You’ and Farina Miss’s ‘Stranger’.