Just this week Ingram Street issued a mix of their song, ‘The Friend Zone’. Now by soulful coincidence, we can enjoy another song with the same title – though this time it’s spelled ‘FriendZone’.

The artist is DMo! (that’s how he spells it) and we’ve learned that he’s actually called D Maurice – Dmo was a childhood nickname. Born in Chicago, he now works out of Atlanta  and It seems that he uses various names as his upcoming album is a reference to just that as it’s called ‘Also Known As’ (below)

‘FriendZone’ is the album’s lead off single and it’s a sweet and gentle, neo-soul groove with an ethereal feel – much of that down to the fact the song’s a duet with Moonchild’s Amber Navran. Her other worldly  voice is a perfect foil to DMo!’s more macho vocal. Together they  craft a charming vibe!

On his web site he describe himself as “a singer/ songwriter/ performing artist/ beard enthusiast.” Can’t comment on the beard, but on the evidence of his ‘FriendZone’ he can sure sing and write decent songs. Find out more @