‘Cityscapes’ is the latest long player from New York-based jazz man JON SCHECKLER. Jon is an acclaimed drummer and is in demand on the Big Apple’s jazz circuit. However, it’s working with his trio that brings most satisfaction and the since 2017 the threesome have enjoyed a residency at Cafe Vivaldi.

The trio consists Steve Denny on Rhodes , Aron Caceres on bass and , of course, Jon on drums and the 7 tracker that is ‘Cityscapes’ offers an intriguing snap shot of what their live shows feature…. accessible trio jazz which in places harks back to the classic soul-jazz of the 60s and elsewhere echoes the music of people like Bob James.

Focus cut is obviously the 15 minute plus title tracks –the sound of city day unfolding. Elsewhere ‘Junction, Junction’ is busy and bustling while ‘Cold Reading’ rides a solid bass heavy groove… don’t know why but the melody reminds me of the Beatles circa ‘Abbey Road’! Our highlight, though, would be the gentle, crystalline ‘Each Others’.

You can find out more about Jon Sheckler and ‘Cityscapes’ @ www.shecklermusic,com