Italian multi-instrumentalist and producer ALEX PUDDU has been really prolific this year. Hot on the heels of his January album, ‘Night People’, he now releases a follow up, ‘Private’. In between the two, our man’s released a clutch of singles, including four which have eventually ended up on ‘Private’.

Those four singles, ‘Undress My Mind’, ‘Odyssey’, ‘Attraction’ and ‘I Feel You’ indicated that on ‘Private’ Alex was changing his musical direction. Till now he’s been known for delicious retro soul grooves – disco/dance/up-tempo soul outings that would have gone down a bomb at 80s Weekenders!

Over the year Alex has suggested that for him the time is right to offer some variety via a new direction; what he  calls “A new groove for the future”.  So those four taster singles and indeed the whole album are more minimalistic. Sweet melodies for sure but dominated by synthesizers and heavy basslines with the beats coming via a Technics Pcm Sound C600 Organ’s Drum machine. As you’d expect Alex plays most of  the instruments and even adds a few additional vocal effects.

Track titles like ‘The Visitor’, ‘Dark Room’, ‘Submission’ and ‘Blue City Club’ should give you the flavour of the music. That last one is a highlight with some tasty sax work from guest  Mikael Fleron.

Alex and his team call their “new” sound “future groove, erotica and nu-disco exploitation”. Discover how accurate that description is via your own investigation!