It’s been a very good year for UK indie label LRK RECORDS. They’ve entertained us regally with a diverse range of soul music from artists like Aphrose, Trambeat, Gary Beals, Claire Davis and Bella Brown. For the label’s final release of 2023, the LRK team maintain the quality and diversity with a delightful double A side from  BRIAN SCARTOCCI.

Born in New Jersey, but now working out of Texas, Brian has been around soul music for many years and his live shows are always sell out affairs – more so after his audience-wowing appearance on the 2012 run of ‘The Voice’ .

Right now he’s busy promoting his debut album, ‘Soul Shakedown’ (below) which has been doing the rounds for a year or so.  And the LP is the source of the two cuts on the upcoming  LRK 7”. One side features an urgent ‘Days Of Glory’ while the flip offers a jaunty ‘No Kind Of Pitiful’. The sound? Well, it’s a now fashionable take on classic 60s/70s soul. Retro for sure but with a biting contemporary edge. The star of the show, though,  is Brian’s soulful vocals which betray the influences of his heroes – people like Sam Cooke, Otis Redding and Bill Withers. ‘Days Of Glory’ and  ‘No Kind Of Pitiful’ deliver quality, blue-eyed retro soul.

The LRK team don’t have a release date yet, but pre-orders will be good to go very soon. Keep a watchful eye on the web site –