The UK’s MICA PARIS is the latest artist to go into the studio to record a reaction to these troubled times and today she releases the result…  the emotive, soul-tugging single ‘In Broad Daylight’. More specifically, the song was triggered by the death of George Floyd.

Mica says: “This single walks through the tragic event which sparked a mass movement in the world. It’s a painful outcry of the blatant unbalance in our society”. She adds, “As with most of the world I watched a live execution of a human being by another. My soul was totally broken as I relived every other life taken this way by people in my own family as well as all the other names we know and don’t know of by law enforcement This song sums it up best”.

Musically, ‘In Broad Daylight’ is a sombre piece with no more than a haunting piano accompaniment proving a perfect foil for Mica’s soulful delivery . The song is released on Metrophonic Music and all profits will support Music Against Racism….a new non-profit organization that aims to utilise the vibrancy and unity of the music scene to educate, empower and inspire everyone to work towards a future without racism.