It was June when genial soul man CORNELL CC CARTER released a super slab of contemporary soul, ‘Not Possible’. We were told that the tune (a massive UK Soul Chart hit and a soul radio staple) was from an upcoming (September?) album and that there were mixes of ‘Not Possible’ en route.

Well those mixes are soon amongst us! There are 4 – courtesy of the ever reliable DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins. There’s an Extended Vocal Mix, an Impossible Dub, the obligatory instrumental (lovely Philly strings here!) and an Alternate Vocal mix – and that latter is the one that’s gets  the big thumbs up from these quarters!

That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with the others. They all highlight the ultra-catchy chorus and offer funky, dance rhythms. It’s just that that Alternate tweak is a tad more soulful – showcasing the wonderful smooth vocals of CC.

We believe that the mixes will be good to go on Friday 13th August via Quantize. Bring on the album!