‘Wonderin” is the latest single from UK soul singer PAUL STUART DAVIES. Paul, as we’ve reported in the past, has a real passion for vintage Northern soul and over the past few years has released some classy, authentic Northern sides – like his cover of ‘Do I Love You Indeed I Do’ and his own songs ‘Tomorrow’s Love’, ‘Baby, It’s Yours’ and ‘That’s The Truth’ and on those he managed to enlist people like Tobi Legend, Kim Weston and the Fantastic Four to supply backing vocals!

The newie, ‘Wonderin” is an uptempo thing with an early Motown sound about it – great honking sax solo. Paul’s vocal has all the lightness of a young Marvin Gaye. There’s a Gaye influence on the record’s B side…. ‘Lovin’ Me Stonger’. This one reminds me of ‘Try It Baby’ – the same lazy, rolling quality and a really authentic sounding backing track

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