CROSSROADS is an acclaimed Italian production duo whose music is inspired by classic R&B, Disco and Neo-Soul and delivered with a soulful house vibe. Their latest single is an uplifting ‘If You’re In Need’ which  features an on-point vocal from Italian singer Raffaella Zago.

You might recognize the tune. It’ a Grey & Hanks 70s disco classic which (we think) was first cut by the Ebonys. Lenny Williams has also covered it. Here it’s given a brand new, sleek finish, zipping along sweetly – but not  too frantically  and Ms Zago really delivers.

Being a “house” tune, of course, it comes in a number of mixes. They include a ‘Young Pulse’ mix and a ‘Call Me Dub’ alongside an acoustic and radio edit. Out now via Be Yourself Records.