At the back end of last year, good ‘ole NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN thrilled us with his ‘Euphoria’ album. It was a  varied set offering all sorts of flavours and featuring plenty of “name” guests – people like Sting, Santana and dear Stevie Wonder!

One of the best “straight” soul tracks (for want of a better description) was the crisp, tight beater, ‘Break Free’. The big production won plenty of support and radio plays and now, giving the cut more mileage, it’ll soon be with us in remix format.

There’ll be an “extended” club mix – a tad faster than the original – and a super, soulful “soul” mix – yes the clue’s in that title. This one, retaining, all the distinctive hooks and harmonies of the original, ticks all the right contemporary soul boxes and shows why our Mike is held in such high esteem by the soul cognoscenti.

The new mixes will be good to go from January 19th but expect to hear them on a radio near you very soon!