Back in 1993, the lovely LULU enjoyed something of a career renaissance with her Dome-released album, ‘Independence’. The LP confirmed what many thought  – that Ms Laurie was a soul girl at heart. (Remember her first hit was a cover of an Isley Brothers’ song while in 1969 she cut a whole album in Muscle Shoals – check out her version of ‘Oh Me Oh My’). Fans will know, too  that the ‘Independence ‘ album featured input from Bobby Womack, but it was the driving title track that did the business and it still sounds good.

Over the years, ‘Independence’ has been remixed several  times with varying success and now there’s another new mix  to investigate. As part of  their 30th Birthday celebrations, Dome Records have been commissioning remixes of some of their back catalogue classics and ‘Independence’ is the latest to get “the treatment”. Mixes  this time comes courtesy of ever-reliable  Michele Chiavarini and DJ Spen who deliver an energized tweak which they cleverly dub the “IndepenDance” mix!

Call me old fashioned (yes of course, Mr  Meldrew!) but I prefer the original… it’s less gimmicky. But hey… what  do I know! This new “IndepenDance” mix of ‘Independence’ is already Top 10 on the Traxsource Soulful House chart! Check it out for yourself… out now!