SILKY STEPS (left) is an indie-soul/pop group from Estonia, who we’ve featured here several times in the last year or so. They’ve delivered a disco flavoured, Eastern European take on blue-eyed soul – things like ‘Fly, Goodbye’ and ‘I Like It I Love’. The parent album ‘Universal Language’ offered plenty more tuneful soul-lite material and we’ve just learned that the band are re-entering the fray with a new single… a cover of Arctic Monkeys ‘I Wanna Be Yours’.

You might know that the Monkey’s 2013 release was their version of John Cooper Clarke’s famous, witty love poem and we’re told that the young soon-to-be-members of Silky Steps all loved the poem and the song back then, so  when they were recently looking for new material to record, the band decided to put a new spin on it.

Here then, they deliver a danceable, poppy affair – a little less “soulful” than what we’ve had from them before. Then, to add intrigue their take comes in two versions – the original (as described) and a “slowed down” version – which is just that. It sounds as if they’re simply recording at 33 instead of 45! Odd.

This ‘I Wanna Be Yours’ is out now  via Funk Embassy Records.  (art work above).

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