JOSEPH MALIK is a Scottish muso who’s been in and around the vintage soul, jazz and funk scenes for a dozen years of or so. During the recent lockdown Joseph, like many musicians, kept busy making his own music and the fruits of his pandemic labours will be with us very soon in the form of  an EP, ‘I Quit My 9 to 5’

Mr M says that the inspiration for the song was obvious: “Let’s just go and write a song that reflects how everyone feels right’ – and ‘I Quit My 9 to 5’ is my response to folks being furloughed or paid off – not just in the music industry but all the chefs, taxi drivers, bar staff, teachers – the ordinary person in the street.”

Sonically ‘I Quit My 9 to 5’ is a loose and lithe funk workout with a killer backing track courtesy of the Easter Road Northern Soul Band … tight beats, chinking guitar and parping brass. You got the idea? The feisty, testifying  vocal courtesy of Niki King matches the music every step of the way.

‘I Quit My 9 to 5’ also comes in a “North Street West” mix (tweak courtesy of Ashley Beedle, Darren Morris and Jo Wallace) which retains all the funk but sprinkles it with a garnish of blaxploitation… think oversize fedoras, camel coats and jewel handled canes! And if you like things stripped down, there’s and instrumental too.

Joseph Malik, I Quit My 9 to 5 EP out May 10th via Ramrock Records.