SOUL COLOSSAL is a five piece band from Lincoln, Nebraska. They are Benjamin Kushner (guitar), Blake DeForest (trumpet), Mike Keeling (bass), Larell Ware (drums) and big voiced vocalist JOSH HOYER. The players came together via their mutual love for classic soul and their 2018 LP ‘Do It Now’ was championed by old school soul connoisseurs everywhere.

A few years down the road Hoyer and his team are all set to unleash a brand-new long player…. ‘Natural Born Hustler’ on Color Red Records.  Produced by label founder Eddie Roberts, Hoyer says: “‘Natural Born Hustler’ speaks to fans of early 70s funky blues, doo-wop with a modern twist, and spellbinding psychedelic soul. The sounds are not confined by age, upbringing, religion, creed, or differences—they are meant for anyone who seeks the medicine of music.”

You can see if his assessment is right when the album is released on March 26th. Full review here very soon.