You may well have noticed that one of the current musical trends is for up-and-coming artists to take familiar old songs and cover them with a new, usually softer, more intimate sound. Many of these imaginative covers are used in TV ads.

Latest artist to join this new bandwagon is London-based AMY STEELE. The talented Ms Steele is, in “Real Life”, a doctor. She’s just finished her medical degree but for now she’s concentrating on a music career. And why not? She has a lovely, sweet voice as witnessed here on her cover of Crosby, Stills and Nash’s paean to domestic bliss, ‘Our House’.

As is the current vogue, the sound is laid back and soporific, relaxing and reassuring – as, indeed, befits the song’s sentiments. We believe that the song is from an upcoming EP and based on the evidence of her quite beautiful ‘Our House’ we look forward to it.

Amy’s ‘Our House’ is self-released but good to go right now from your favourite download/ streaming source.