One of 2015’s biggest UK soul albums was ‘Life’s So Sweet’ from Mather and Kingdon and though we were promised a follow up, the pair, it seems, have since pursued solo paths. Mr Kingdon has enjoyed success with a series of quirky instrumentals while (Stuart) MATHER released a great solo album ‘No Looking Back’ which featured the charting singles ‘Butterflies’ and ‘I Can’t Forget About You’.

Right now Mather is preparing the release of brand new single…. ‘Some Like It Hot’. The chirpy tune has nothing to do with the classic Jack Lemon movie, rather it’s a pleasing summery pop-soul vibe with a catchy melody. Indeed it was those uncluttered melodies that were the hallmark of ‘No Looking Back’. If you like that album, you’ll love ‘Some Like It Hot’.

Mather – Some Like It Hot released 21st April as a download only on DSG.