Soul fans of a certain vintage will remember with fondness the wonderful ‘Groove On’ from YO YO HONEY. Released in 1991 on the reliable old Jive label, the album (and subsequent single) was a remarkable piece of Brit soul. YO YO HONEY was the brain child of MIKE PEDEN (formerly of THE CHIMES) and he used a huge 40 piece orchestra to help him flesh out his ideas; with vocals from the underrated ANITA JARRETT, the set achieved cult status amongst the cognoscenti – a status heightened by the fact that it’s been out of print for ages and has never been officially available in any kind of download format.

The good news is that YO YO’s music is back! Project co-writer and bass player on the set, MANI has relicensed the album from Sony; he’s remastered it and is preparing it for reissue in October. The man has also worked on a number of stunning remixes that are set to become dance floor monsters. The remixes will be available to download soon via Black Sugar Records while the full LP will be on the racks (virtual and otherwise) from October 22.