For their  latest release IZIPHO RECORDS are once again linking up with Long Island vocalist and guitarist KIP CARMEN. A Montauk Indian, Kip started his career in the 60s working as a dancer with the shows held at the Shinnecock Indian Reservation on Long Island.  Although he was only 7 years old at the time, he was not too young to realize his love was entertaining people. 

As a teenager he formed a group and when he was old enough he joined the West Point Academy Military band. On demob he worked with Hi Records and released a couple of singles and a brace of albums. By the 80s Kip was back on Long Island. It was there that he  released a self-published LP from which the Izipho team have selected two great tunes for release as a limited edition 7” single. ‘They are ‘Feeling Home Again’ and The Smile On My Face’.

Feeling Home Again’  is a pleasing up-tempo, feel-good tune… melodic and catchy and driven by wah-wah effects, alto and tenor saxes all supporting Carmen’s sweet vocal. ‘The Smile On My Face’ is more mid—tempo and features Cornell Dupree on guitar.

The Izipho team will be the first to tell you that both songs aren’t what you’d call classic or traditional soul…blue-eyed soul maybe with a hint of Americana  especially on ‘The Smile on My Face’. However, both songs tell great stories and are delivered with passion –  soul in other words! The release is right in line with Izipho’s policy of occasionally pushing boundaries and expectations.

This new 7” will be released on 4th February in a limited edition of 300 copies at £12 each. Find out more @ https://www.iziphosoul.com/