Though it’s not one of their most well known tunes, Earth Wind and Fire’s Keep ‘Your Head To The Sky’ is revered by proper EWF fans and in plenty of top clubs it’s still a regular floor filler. One spinner who loves the cut and regularly plays it out is DJ SPEN and guess what? To celebrate the 300th release on his wonderful Quantize label, our man’s decided to make a cover version!

Such a special song from such a special band calls for a special singer to reprise the Philip Bailey parts. Spen knew who to call on almost straight away … a certain CORNELL CC CARTER and between them they make a beautiful job of the song…in fact a number of beautiful jobs because, of course, it comes in all kinds of mixes.

Call us old fashioned, but we love the original mix… so soulful – with Cornell in great form (bvs by the way from Tasha LaRae); then there’s a flugle horn mix with Scott Baylis’ trumpet taking the lead and to finish there’s the more housier Micfreak mix alongside the radio edits and the dubs. All great stuff; a lovely tribute to EWF and a splendid way to celebrate 300 not out!