Smokey Robinson’s ‘Since I Lost My Baby’ is a real soul classic. Immortalised in the first instance by the Temptations, it’s been covered countless times, most notably by Luther Vandross (worth checking too is a great 60s version by UK mod band, The Action).

Now the song has been resurrected by Canadian singer, CHERRILL RAE. Ms Rae has been in the business since the 70s when she won some success with a clutch of disco cuts but soul has always been her first musical love and she features plenty of soul sounds in her always in-demand live shows.

Cherrill is currently working on an album with Butch Ingram and ‘Since I Lost My Baby’ is the first single from the set. Butch and Cherrill treat the song with total respect. Why mess too much with a thing of beauty? Cherrill delivers the song with passion while the harmony trio,Tru, provide on point backing vocals and sweet harmonies.

Tru feature too on the single’s putative B-side, a sweet, lounge ballad ‘Where Are You Now?’

CHERRILL RAE; ‘Since I Lost My Baby’ / ‘Where Are You Now?’ will be released on 11th November