The ever-lovely PATTI AUSTIN needs no introduction here; just for us to say that we wish the lady cut more records these days!

Well the good news is that there’s a brand new Ms Austin single on its way at the end of January; it’s an intriguing and engaging cut called ‘Hope Has Arrived’ and it seems that the song is the title track for the forthcoming graphic novel and film ‘Spirit of the Pharaoh’ which is an action adventure romance across time with an ancient Egyptian theme.

Can’t say too much about the book/movie but ‘Hope Has Arrived’ has an eclectic, even exotic air about it – matching, no doubt, the mood of the story …. Pharaohs, ancient spirits, aristocratic arms dealers and odd goings-on in the streets of modern London! Needless to say Patti nails the vocal with her usual aplomb and commitment. The tune will be available via DSG Records at the end of the month and there are two mixes courtesy of Nigel Lowis with the “Soulworld” tweak just shading the “Extraterrestrial” one!