HD is the musical alter ego of bassist/ producer BENJAMIN RACE- long time associate of those jolly nice Doggett Brothers. We first came across Ben/HD back in 2016 when he released a pretty, jazzy and subtle neo-soul ramble, ‘So Confused’. We were told back then that the song was the lead track on an imminent EP…. ‘Everything Is Energy’

Such are the vagaries of the music biz that the EP never appeared (we never saw it, anyway) – but now HD is back with a 10 track album… and the title? ‘Everything Is Energy’.

You won’t be surprised to learn that the ‘So Confused’ cut is on the long player and great to be reminded how good it was – showing that here in the UK we can “do soul” with the best. Vocalist on the track is Arnob Basit and he features on three more tracks – the most recommended being ‘Lately’. No, it’s not the Stevie classic, but like that one it is a building ballad and in much the same vein.

Other featured vocalist includes Teisha Marie, sometime Luther Vandross collaborator Dennis Bettis and Ellison Kendrick –who fronts the new single ‘Can’t Explain’ –very sweet; very catchy; and a lovely trumpet break.

Dancers will be delighted by ‘Nothing But Love’. Fronted by the underrated Laura Jackson, this has all the classic ingredients that made the soul weekender sound so very special.

HD’s ‘Everything Is Energy’ will be available from August 10th…. honest!