Last November  acclaimed jazz singer JOSÉ JAMES announced he was putting the finishing touches to a new album –  ‘1978’. His people told us that  the LP aims to  deliver Jose’s especial take on contemporary jazz with a soulful undertow.

We caught the mood on the album-heralding single – a deep, socially conscious, soulful groove, ‘38th & Chicago’. The song was named the intersection in James’ hometown Minneapolis where George Floyd was tragically murdered in 2020.

Mr James now follows that one with another album teaser – ‘Saturday Night (Need You Now)’. This is an up-tempo, club friendly cut  delivering that “soulful undertow” that the ‘1978’s’ album PR is promising. Indeed Jose’s team tell us that the track is a sort of homage to  his musical heroes Marvin Gaye, Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson.

The singer says: “Doing my 2018 tribute to Bill Withers inspired me. Singing his hits from the 70’s and 80’s like ‘Lovely Day’ and ‘Just the Two of Us’ made me want to dig deeper and try to write a song that could bring my own joy to people.”

‘Saturday Night (Need You Now)’ is released today, 19th January: The album ‘1978 is out April 5th 2024