DARYLTRON is the musical alter ego of Daryl Campbell. Something of a musical prodigy, young Daryl won a place at one of California’s most prestigious music conservatories  where he became proficient on piano, cello and drums while his tutors discovered he had perfect pitch. Some collectors might be aware of his albums ‘Californian Nights’ (2015) and 2018’s ‘Jukebox’.

In 2019 Daryl set up  his own Setari Records and that’s the source of his latest single,  ‘Her Man’. The tune is a rough, tough, thrusting funk offering that’s a hybrid of 70s flavours and the music of a certain Prince. It also has a sort of quirkiness about it – reflected in the cover art work (above).

We’re told ‘Her Man’ is the lead single from an upcoming long player. ‘Songs of Life & Love (Vol. 1)’ which  we believe will be a “concept” collection. In the meantime, ‘Her Man’ is released March 3rd.