One of last year’s big cover songs came from a former US Army soldier, JTREECE (aka Winfred Joel Treece, but he prefers the abbreviated moniker!). He had the confidence to tackle one of soul’s real classics – Teddy P’s ‘Close The Door’. Helping him shut the door were the wonderful Terri Green and her “project”. There was real music chemistry going down between Mr JT and Terri while a deep bass line courtesy of Thomas Stieger and Toddi Reed’s mellifluous sax made the track something rather special.

We’ve just had the heads up that JTReece is lining up a new single -and this  time he’s all on his own and the sound is a little different. His new offering is ‘Here With Me’. The sound is a little more sparse than on that big version of ‘Close The Door’ but it nevertheless engages with its insistent percussion and soulful vocal. Repeated plays make it even catchier as it sort of sits on the cusp of contemporary soul and the lighter end of R&B.

Make a note – this one’s released April 20th.

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