THE SEXTONES are a West Coast, US band – childhood friends, Mark Sexton (guitar, vocals), Alexander Korostinsky (bass), Daniel Weiss (drums), and Christopher Sexton (piano). Founded in 2015, they share a love for vintage soul as witnessed by their latest single – a faithful cover of Jean Plum’s gorgeous 1975 Hi outing ‘Here I Go Again’.

The band treat the Willie Mitchell co-penned song with respect, just adding a 21st century edge, Lovely brass work (as you’d expect from a cover of Hi song) and on-point vocals all add to the soulful enjoyment.

The single is the Sextones’ first release on Italian label Record Kicks and follows their 2017 debut album ‘Moonlight Vision’ which was “big in Japan” after release on P-Vine Records and anoraks might know that band members enjoy side hustles too. Alexander and Mark  work as  the Whatitdo Archive Group, whose debut cinematic LP, ‘The Black Stone Affair’  was released on Record Kicks in 2021, while Daniel has worked with the Colemine soul/jazz group the  Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio.

Right now the Sextones  are focused on promoting the lovely ‘Here I Go Again’ and they and their label promise plenty more retro soul goodies very soon.