ADA MORGHE is a Munich-based singer, writer and film / theatre director. Right now she’s busy preparing the release of her third album, ‘Lost’, due February 24th . We’re tod that the long player is an old fashioned “concept” album. Apparently the record’s theme  is  shaped around the four elements that our elders thought made the world: fire, air, earth and water.

Ms Morghe says; “this record  has a very definitive purpose – to use music to make sense of the myriad joys, sorrows, shocks and surprises that emerge throughout life”. The unique flavour of the music was signalled by  the album’s lead single, ‘The Story’ which is now followed by a second “taster”, ‘Here Now’, a plaintive  ballad. For sure, it’s not soul or jazz but there’s a gentle jazzy feel and a soul undertow. The vocal is mysterious and there’s a haunting but graceful quality to  proceedings . Ada comments: “’Here Now’ expresses a simple truth that helps guide us along the journey. There are ups, downs, triumphs and failures, but unconditional love – whether that’s from partners, families or friends – make the lows more manageable and the highs all the more joyous.”

ADA MORGHE’S Here Now’ is out now, The Lost’ album due February 24th.