LEWIS DANIELS is known as something of an odd ball in the House Music world. His outings are always eclectic, original and often laced with humour – witness his one-time musical alter ego “Lavvy Levan”!

Daniels’ latest outing won’t disappoint those who follow his regular recordings via his Friday Fox label. Said tune is the intriguingly-tilted ‘Love Puss’ . His people describe it as “oddball and kooky – ripe for the underground” and across its big 6 mixes you wouldn’t argue with that. For sure, it is eccentric with different mixers (Christian B, Belgium’s Khillaudio, Australian Meraki Soul, and the UK producers, Simon Morgan and Rhodesy) bringing out different levels of interest and eccentricity. The cover art work is a clue too!

Daniels says: “For me, it’s never about conforming to expectation, I want to make music that I find interesting and alluring – and it’s great if other people feel the same way and find some pleasure in what I have created”.  ‘Love Puss’ is out May 28th.