Soul fans in general and Detroit collectors in general will be delighted by the debut release on a “new” girl group – THE STUBBS GIRLS. The name, of course, is the clue… and the cause for some excitement. The fivesome, you see, comprise the sister and nieces of the legendary LEVI STUBBS. LEVI’S sister, THELMA has always sung and encouraged her daughters – BOBBY, PAMELA, SHEILA and RONDA to do likewise. It was therefore only a matter of time before they started recording and there’s an album coming very soon courtesy of Atlanta’s Crew Records.

Previews indicate a good, solid, old fashioned soul set. No frills or gimmicks –just decent tunes, well produced and beautifully sung in that magical, harmonic way that family groups seem to do so effortlessly. The lead cut ‘Oh No Not Tonight’ is a beaut…. like I said good, solid, old fashioned uptown soul and nothing wrong with that.