The latest single from GEORGIE B’s GROOVE ASSOCIATION is a tight modern soul dancer, ‘Dancing In Heaven’. The tune comes in two excellent mixes – little to choose between ‘em. ‘The Classic Soul Mix’ is, well, just that – “classic”! The American mixed ‘Lower East Side’ mix is a tad “tougher” if you see what I mean – bass driven it really does conjure up the vibe and sound of NY’s Lower East Side. Some great sax work in there too while the vocals are down to Mr B and Deborah Bell.

If you know the Groove Association and Georgie B, you’ll know what to expect – proper modern soul delivered with love and commitment. If you’re still not in on the band, then we recommend you check it out toute de suite! However, this particular soul treat is only available form George’s own web site – www.georgiebmusic.com