From out of the blue almost (see what we did there!) BLUEY MAUNICK and INCOGNITO are set to treat us to a splendid new track – their version of Idris Muhammed’s ‘Could Heaven Ever Be Like This’.

Our clever readers will recognize the song as dating from 1977 and it was the opening track on the drummer’s acclaimed ‘Turn This Mutha Out’ album.

It seems that back in 1977 a young Mr M was working in a record store and when he was sorting out a new delivery he came across the album with its striking cover. He put it on the store’s deck and as he tells us he was blown away by that very tune. He says: “I just walked from behind the counter and joined the people dancing in the store!”

Fast forward to earlier this year when the Dome people approached Bluey to record a new track to help celebrate the venerable label’s 30th birthday. Our man agreed and when it came to picking a tune, he says, it was a no brainer…. It just had to be ‘Could Heaven Ever Be Like This’.

And what a splendid job Bluey and the Incognito team make of the classic – big, brash horn arrangements, some blazing solos, deep bass lines and convincing vocals. The cut comes in a classic  disco flavoured mix and faster, house mix from Ski Oakenful. Great stuff.

We’re told that this new ‘Could Heaven Ever Be Like This’ is good to download now via Traxsource and it will be the opening track on a new compilation to celebrate Dome’s 30th which will be available on April 29th.