Over the last few months, the UK soul world has really gotten  to know and love Manchester soulstress, MICA MILLAR. Though she’s been on  the scene for a few years, her last two singles – the powerful ‘Preacher Man’ and the 60s flavoured ‘Girl’ have really won people over. Her upward and onward trajectory is sure to continue with her latest single, a gorgeous, soul-soaked ‘Heaven Knows’.

Like those two previous singles, there’s a message in the music. Where ‘Preacher Man’ dealt with escaping from capitalism in pursuit of what it truly means to be human and ‘Girl’ spoke of accepting  and taking inspiration from the commonalities of our respective journeys through life, ‘Heaven Knows’ explores the complexities of faith and fate and the duality of moving between mindsets. A powerful message for sure – but it’s the beauty of the sound that will blow you away.

Like her previous singles, the sound is contemporary, but its roots are in the 60s – a perfect vehicle for Mica’s wonderous blue-eyed soul voice that can sound both feisty and vulnerable in the space of a couple of bars. ‘Heaven Knows’ is a lovely, triumphant piece of work … little wonder that Mica has chosen it as the title track for her upcoming album which is due in June.