AARON TAYLOR is British soul man who impressed in 2020 with his debut album, ‘Icarus’. He followed that with a 5-track EP ‘Have A Nice Day’ and now, with a neat synchronicity, he offers more “nice days” with ‘Have A Nice Day Vol 2’ .

Aaron tells us that the new song cycle expands on the themes that volume one focused on – that’s to say slow living, fatherhood and contentment. Focus track right now is ‘Can’t Be Bothered’ which is a collaboration with Brooklyn rapper Kota The Friend. It’s a simplistic thing which we’re told was written after a frustrating day in the studio. It’s  poppy and catchy and shows Taylor’s diversity as a musician – someone who makes heartfelt soul music but isn’t afraid to experiment with different sounds. It is a little different.

So too is ‘Rest Your Head’; a warm, self-written lullaby for his children that pays homage to his roots in gospel music. More “traditional” contemporary soul comes in the shape of ‘Back To You’. Out now.