Latest single from ever dependable EXPANSION RECORDS is a new version of the Isley Brothers’ evergreen, ‘Harvest For The World’ delivered with a sensitive and hushed soulfulness by PATRICE ISLEY.

The song’s  been covered countless times, of course, most notably (chart wise) by the Christians. Co-writer Chris Jasper has recorded it too – alongside the AWB; then there’s versions by people like Paul Carrack, Incognito, Ronnie Laws, Vanessa Williams, Japanese soul singer Sayumi and many more . And why wouldn’t serious artists  want to record it – it’s such a great song with  a powerful message, Patrice explains why she chose to cut it: “I enjoyed this track as a child, as there was something about its message that was inclusive and hopeful. It talks about ‘gather every man, gather every woman, celebrate your lives, give thanks for your children, gather everyone, gather all together, overlooking none, hoping life gets better for the world”.    

Like all good covers, Ms Isley puts her own spin on the song. She slows it down and delivers with a breathy, sensuality that adds a deal of poignancy to the message in the music. This new ‘Harvest’ is released tomorrow , October 6th via Expansion Records and the question  we all want answered is – is   Patrice linked to the Isley Brothers? Her bio suggests not but we stand to be corrected. Of course, that matters not one jot! What matters is that she makes a great job of a great song!  Recommended!