The harp isn’t the first instrument to spring to mind when you think of jazz…. but San Diego’s MARIEA ANTOINETTE is about to challenge that misconception with her new album ‘Straight From The Harp’.

Ms Antoinette (yes, that her real name!) has been recording since 2003 and she’s worked with people like Ne-Yo, Mary J Blige and Jamie Foxx…. why, she’s even played live for the Obamas.

With ‘Straight From The Harp’, Mariea says she wants to, “Show people that the harp is not a quiet, dreamy, boring instrument, but that it can be funky like you’ve never heard before. I wanted to take it to a new dimension”.

To that end she’s chosen some great soul standards to cover – including Curtis Mayfield’s ‘Give Me Your Love’, Heatwave’s ‘Boogie Nights’, Barry White’s ‘I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby’ and Jam and Lewis’ ‘Human’. She also has a stab at Bob Marley’s ‘Waiting In Vain’ and, you know, these new treatments all work!

Throw in some spirited originals like ‘Walk The Walk’ and a great modern soul groove , ‘A Single Dance’ with Chanel Fields on lead vocal, and you have a great and never-less-than-interesting smooth jazz collection.

Find out more @ www.MarieaAntionette.com