Portland trumpeter FARNELL NEWTON is a key part of that city’s vibrant music scene and he’s involved in all sorts of varied projects. Soul fans will have fond memories of his work with Jarrod Lawson.

Newton’s latest project is a little more esoteric – a collective called ‘Broken Promises’ and they’ve just released a single ‘Hard To Explain’. Newton is rather oblique about the tune. He says: “It’s crazy when you hear a song, and then you say to yourself, this sounds like it should be in a movie. This is exactly what happened after I created ‘Hard to Explain’ last month.”

Drawing inspiration, he says, from people like Quentin Tarantino, Isaac Hayes and Netflix’s ‘The Harder They Fall’, Newton had Hunter Love deliver an eerie vocal alongside Chance Hayden’s jazzy guitar. Between them they craft an atmospheric sound – the first fruit from a whole album, we believe. Out now via lofijazzsoul.