South London’s THE SOUL IMMIGRANTS won plenty of friends with their 2019 album ‘Back From The Brink’. Amongst the highlights was an authentic, funky  cover of Barbara Lynn’s ‘I’m a Good Woman’. The band are about to serve up another chunk of funk on a new single… ‘Yard Of Hard’ (due on vinyl, 28th May).

‘Yard Of Hard’s’ USP is the presence of a certain Fred Wesley on trombone. The Immigrants/Wesley connection goes back to the 80s when Immigrants’ guitarist, Emrys Baird (then in the Funk Ambassadors) joined the JBs on their first UK tour.

Wesley co-penned ‘Yard Of Hard’ and his bonkers trombone takes a lovely solo while the rest of the band cook up a storming funk groove.

The vinyl 45 is available from their website www.thesoulimmigrants.com