UK Soul and house music maestro, BRIAN POWER blazed his way into 2023 with an acclaimed single – his take on the Three Degrees’ ‘Year Of Decision. For the cover of the Philly classic Brian brought in the LEWIS SISTERS ( Linda, Shirley and Dee). With that trio’s experience and CV, you’d expect a classy job and that’s exactly what they delivered over a track on which Mr Power cranked up the tempo just a little to create a whole new vibe…little wonder the recording amassed over 100,000 streams and landed on the iTunes chart in several countries, while also making Top-10 on The Heritage Chart.

Now as we enter a brand new year, Brian is releasing a brand new mix of ‘Year’ as his heartfelt homage to Linda who sadly passed away last May. Indeed ‘Year of Decision’ was lovely Linda’s last ever recording and she’s pictured (below) with Brian and her sisters.