IZIPHO SOUL RECORDS maintain their 2023 quality output with a new 45 from modern gospel stars RICHARD HARTLEY (above) & SOUL RESURRECTION. Hartley has enjoyed a stellar career as a singer and musical director, travelling across the world to work with choirs and “names” such as Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross. Currently he’s the  pastor at Haven International Ministries, New York and stars in his  own reality television show ‘The Rev’.

The new Izipho 7” pairs two very different tunes that represent the two ends of the soul/gospel spectrum. The A side is a big, big tune – big in every way – sound, attack and commitment! It’s an uplifting, praise song ‘Jesus Makes Me Happy’ and even if you’re not a believer, just one spin will make you happy. The track rides a classic, growling soul bass line and after a few bars you’ll know that Richard and his team are true believers. Little wonder this mix is called ‘The Joyful Exaltation Edit’. Anoraks might know that the original track had a rap (God forbid!); this edit removes the rap!

The flip is very different but no less  committed. ‘Heart And Soul’ is a deep, meandering, building,  soul ballad that tugs at the emotions… believer or not!

Both these recommended tunes come from Hartley’s 2007 CD album, ‘Face II Face’ which is now hard  to find. In a lovely gesture the Izipho team are offering this lovely 7”  at a  special ‘Summer Madness’ price of just £10 per copy.  Learn more @ https://www.iziphosoul.com/richard-hartley–soul-resurrection—jesus-makes-me-happy-out-18-august-180-p.asp